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Rhino4x4 Pty Ltd T/A Trailmax – Terms and Conditions

By paying this or part of this invoice you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions as well as those listed on our website. The following terms and conditions supersede any previous terms and conditions between the customer (you) and Trailmax (Trailmax or we). Trailmax reserves the right to make changes to the website ( and these terms and conditions at any time.


1. Paying all or part of this invoice means you agree that the invoice is true and correct
2. Dispatch estimates are provided in the “notes” section at the bottom and are accurate at the time of order, email notifications will be sent providing updates as they come to hand.
3. If any items from your order cannot be fulfilled, we will contact you via email.


1. TrailMax reserves the right to refuse or cancel orders for items listed at incorrect prices or with erroneous information. Such instances may result in the withdrawal of the item from sale.

2. If a credit note is issued, it is the customer’s responsibility to notify Rhino4x4 accounts of where they would like the credit note applied to, credit notes are not automatically applied to other orders.


1. Trailmax maintains the right to modify shipping rates, delivery methods, and shipping providers to any destination at any time.
2. While we endeavour to ensure timely delivery, TrailMax cannot be held responsible for delays in the delivery or return of goods.
3. For any delivery delays, it’s recommended that you directly contact the freight provider for updates.
4. If customers arrange their own freight, TrailMax bears no responsibility once the products leave our premises.
5. By signing for the freight, you confirm that the received goods are free from damage and in operational condition.
6. Responsibility for inspecting packaging for damage and/or missing parts lies with the receiver before signing for freight.


1. Upon receipt of your order, it is your responsibility to inspect the goods for damage or faults within 2 business days. No claims for transport damage will be accepted beyond this period. If goods are further transported or picked up by you or your agent, inspection is also your responsibility before onward transportation.
2. Should the items ordered not be of acceptable quality, it is your responsibility to notify Trailmax or where you purchased from as soon as possible. In this event, contact us on or 1300 885 841

3. Please note photos on website are for demonstration purposes only, products received may be different in look, style or colour.


1. Information on our returns, exchanges, and warranty policy can be accessed on our website.
2. Returns for non-faulty goods will be at your expense.
3. Trailmax is not responsible for returns lost during transit. We advise sending returns using traceable post and selecting insurance that will cover your goods cost.
4. A handling, repackaging, and processing charge of 10% to 25% may apply to credit requests based on the nature of the goods.

5. International order cancellations incur a minimum 5% administration and banking fee regardless of the reason.
6. Accepting the goods confirms your acceptance of these conditions.


1. Please note that in some cases, it may be necessary to remove parts from your vehicle in order to carry out the fitment of replacement parts and accessories.
2. In most cases, removal of these parts unavoidably destroys them and renders them unsuitable for re-use.
3. TrailMax is unable to store such parts on your behalf. If you wish to retain these parts, please inform us prior to the commencement of any work being carried out on your vehicle.
4. Removed parts are generally not suitable for transport inside your vehicle due to their size, nature and condition. Their loading and transport will be your responsibility in such circumstances.
5. Original parts removed from your vehicle to allow for installation of replacement parts and accessories are disposed of on the same day as installation.
6. Standard installation is based on vehicle being in factory condition. Vehicles with other aftermarket lights, racks, or other related products and accessories may incur higher labour fees to remove.
7. TrailMax is not responsible or liable for any loss suffered, including indirect or consequential damages caused to the vehicle during or arising from the installation, if the customer or nominated agent chooses to self-install or have the product(s) installed at a non-accredited TrailMax Re-Seller or Workshop.


Title to the Goods will not pass to Buyer until:
1. TRAILMAX being paid in full under all Contracts;
Until title to the Goods passes to Buyer,
1. Buyer must:
(a) hold the Goods as bailed for Trailmax. and keep them in good order and condition;
(b) not remove any markings placed by Trailmax and ensure that the Goods can be readily identified and distinguished from other property in Buyers possession; and
(c) deliver the Goods to Trailmax immediately upon demand and, for this purpose, Trailmax is authorized to enter at any time any premises on which the Goods may be located (the costs incidental to which will be borne by Buyer.

wind noise

1. Wind noise may occur when installing aftermarket accessories such as roof racks. This noise is a natural outcome of the disruption to smooth airflow caused by the accessories’ presence.\

2. Some level of wind noise is standard and should be expected when using roof racks and similar products.

3. Factors such as rack design, vehicle type, speed, and wind direction can influence the intensity of wind noise.

4. TrailMax makes efforts to minimize wind noise through design considerations, but complete elimination of wind noise may not be achievable.

5. It’s recommended to consider wind noise as a normal characteristic and adjust your driving and usage expectations accordingly.