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Gone are the days of tapping into wires at the rear of the headlight assembly to access the high-beam output. The high-beam output is used when wiring light bars and driving lights. 

New generation vehicles, such as the Toyota Landcruiser 300 Series and the Ford Next-Gen Ranger/Raptor, lack a high-beam signal wire at the rear of the headlight assembly. In essence, this means that forward-facing lights cannot be legally wired, as the law requires such lights to be wired to a high-beam circuit.

The simple solution is to install a CAN Bus module, which provides the high-beam output, to use as a trigger for the light circuit.

Be mindful when selecting a particular CAN Bus to purchase, as some can be rather complex to install. To keep installation simple, select a brand that is fitted using just a power connection and CAN Hi/Lo wires.

CEN Bus high beam trigger module Next Gen Ranger
Can bus module Next Gen Ranger

Our TrailMax brand of CAN Bus has been pre-programmed for the vehicle’s CAN data and developed for easy installation. Featuring a compact housing, and three outputs for low-beam, high-beam and park lights. This means you can wire your accessory lights how you want them. Check them out here