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Frequently Asked Questions


Will the TrailMax roller shutter keep water out of my tub?  

The TrailMax roller shutter is 100% watertight. The clever design of the interlocking panel creates a barrier which keeps your tub items dry. 

What’s the best lighting setup for my TrailMax Roof Rack?

Compatible with our range of 32” lights bars for the front, 20” super slim bar for the rear, and pods lights for the side, not having enough light will never be a problem.

My vehicle has a factory sports bar, can it be re-installed with my TrailMax roller shutter?  

Sure can. With TrailMax sports bar bracket, you can retain your factory sports bar.  

I’ve seen a video of a knife being used to cut in between the panels of a roller shutter, gaining access to the tub. Is this a risk with the TrailMax roller shutter?  

Absolutely not. TrailMax roller shutters have interlocking panels and can’t be cut with a knife. You will have peace of mind knowing that your tub items are secure.  

I have push bikes that I want to secure on my vehicle, what’s the best way to do this?  

With the TrailMax tailgate cover. Your tailgate is protected with a highly padded cover. Quick fastenings make it easy to secure your bikes.  

I cant find a high beam trigger to wire driving lights on my new vehicle.

No problems. Our CAN Bus module can read the light status from the vehicle network and output a standard trigger voltage for your light wiring. Its easy.

How much weight can the cross bars carry?  

With a pair of Cross Bars, an extra 100 kg can be held.  

How much weight can my TrailMax Roller Shutter hold? 

The TrailMax roller shutter is super tough and can hold a whopping 200kgs.

How do I secure accessories to my TrailMax Roof Rack (i.e. a shovel)?

Great news. Most accessories brands will fit your TrailMax Roof Rack! There are so many mounting options on your Roof Rack that you will be spoilt for choice.

How much weight can I carry on my TrailMax Roof Rack?

TrailMax roof racks are super strong! Holding anywhere between 110-150 kg dynamic weight, and 320-360 kg static weight. How much load your roof is designed to carry will depend on the make and model of your vehicle.