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Roof Rack Accessories

  • Quick Release Awning Bracket, with off-set bracket

    Quick-Release Awning Bracket Set

    $195.00Add to cart
  • Quick Release Roof Top Tent Brackets - Simplify Roof Top Tent Mounting

    Quick-Release Roof Top Tent Brackets

    $420.00Add to cart
  • TrailMax 110L Cargo Box

    TrailMax Cargo Box – 110L

    $295.00Add to cart
  • Side Rail Kit

    Side Rail Kit

    $385.00$465.00Select options
  • Super slim 20" light bar

    HD Series Super Slim 20″ Light Bar

    $290.00Add to cart
  • ClickSwipe for variantsTrailMax Pod Light fitted to TrailMax Roof Rack
    10 Degree Black Blue TrailMax Pod Light fitted to TrailMax Roof Rack
    20 Degree Black Red 2f8b14b3-9e90-40f5-b0b3-bc5185d1b8fe-1.png
    10 Degree Black Black 0c03eed3-8efc-422b-91a8-7a6839ed63d7.jpg
    10 Degree Black Red 9d28ff12-3e43-441b-bf56-1d4d3061f8d1.jpg
    10 Degree Black Silver ef8f56bf-1054-4cef-b5f1-b69134621ce2.jpg
    20 Degree Black Black 7dd94ad2-ce8d-4dfa-9377-c72c8ad21895.jpg
    20 Degree Black Silver 2f0c2231-d2d4-4973-8905-bb1cb7b5ab95.png
    5 Degree Black Black ab106b5c-6acd-4939-84a2-19b3cd0ee20a.png
    5 Degree Black Red 01e8e466-4ae4-4e35-b160-b022f80c8fae.png
    5 Degree Black Silver c51bafb1-2675-408a-aa9f-5750d82f8b62.png

    HD LED Pod Light

    $125.00Select options
  • Pod Light Mounting Bracket

    $30.00Select options
  • Flush mount light

    Light – Rear Flush Mount (single)

    $135.00Add to cart
  • Cambuckle Strap

    TrailMax Cambuckle Tie Down Strap

    $12.00Add to cart
  • Stubby Aerial

    $29.00Add to cart