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About us

TrailMax has been born through pioneering design by Engineers and Industrial Designers who expect more than just function and fit. We constantly strive to create innovative 4×4 products for the Australian market.

The 4×4 market has exploded in the past few years. Industry leaders in innovation, like TrailMax, have seen that whilst current roof racks are functional, they don’t enhance the appearance of the vehicle. This is where TrailMax is different.

Our Roof Rack Platform Systems, Electric Roller Shutters and Cross Bars have been developed to give great function as well as enhancing the appearance of your vehicle. Our products and design come from over 40 years in the OEM automotive design industry. From concept to end product we have designed TrailMax products with you in mind. It’s this that enables us to create the most innovative 4×4 products in the industry.

From your first experience with TrailMax products, you will see and feel the difference.

New & exciting brand with over 40 years OEM experience

Although our TrailMax brand is new, our experience in developing innovative 4×4 products is not. Our exciting new range will be rapidly expanding, so watch this space.

Innovation and quality sets us apart

Our goal is to always innovate with everything we do. All our products are designed from scratch to ensure full factory integration. They are not only functional, but also look great. We don’t follow the crowd and create clones. We innovate to ensure you have a stand out product and we back that up with quality and support.

Toyota Hilux 18+ roof rack

Why buy a TrailMax Product?

The aftermarket Automotive industry is full of clones and designs that lack any ideas of their own. Backyarders see a good design and just copy it with minimal input of their own. TrailMax are different. We don’t reproduce, we re invent. Our designs are from scratch and always from the heart.

Our reseller network is a force for good. We select and maintain a quality list of shops around Australia that assures you receive the product support you need. After each install our customers provide us with feedback on their experience with the re seller giving us the opportunity to maintain a high standard.

Your product payment made to us is not released to the reseller until you are 100% happy with the product and the install. After completion our reseller needs to send completed photos and a signed satisfaction document via our site before we release them funds. This ensures you receive exactly what you paid for.


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